Driveway Block Paving Squares

Our Block Paving specialists created and installed this lovely front driveway for our clients in Lancashire. We had already installed a new driveway using different coloured block paving for their next door neighbours and they loved the design so much that they asked us to do exactly the same for their new driveway.

We were happy to oblige.

We started by digging up their front garden using our mini digger. Our driveway specialists then removed the the old driveway which was made of concrete and loaded onto our truck. We then levelled out the area which was then covered with hardcore and membrane sheeting. Again we used the same coloured block paving on a majority of the driveway. In the middle of the driveway we used a 45 degree herringbone pattern with a triple diamond design that mirrored next doors. The edging around the driveway was created by using sand and charcoal coloured blocks. To the opening of the driveway we used the same coloured block paving once again to create many squares patterns that matched next doors. Our block paving experts finished the driveway in the time frame given and ensured that everything was clean and tidy once we left.

If you would like a new driveway made of block paving, then contact our block paving company from Lancashire today.